Today’s comic features another cameo from my Kickstarter. The part of the hot guitarist is being played by Eric K. (I should say though that I could have cast any of my cameos as the ‘hot guy’; all of them are handsome, but Eric is the one who gets to have Ken drooling over him.)

This summer at RIPExpo in Providence I had the pleasure of meeting Eric (and his arms) when he drove down to check the show out. It’s always a delight to meet people in person who I’ve met online, or who have left comments on the site.

Which reminds me, I’m done with show this year, and I’m still trying to figure out next year’s schedule. So far I’m hoping to be at RIPExpo and CAKE, plus MoCCA, SPX, Short Run, and a brand new con called Flame Con.

OH! Speaking of Flame Con! THEY ARE DOING A KICKSTARTER. Go check it out, learn more about it, and then maybe support it. It’s being put on by the good folks at Geeks Out, wonderful people each and every one of them.