Ken Fong

Indie rock dude-slash-accountant. Volunteer radio DJ. Formerly Krys's roommate. Currently dating Hiroshi.

Finn MacArthur

A bit of a curmudgeon. A gay man in his 40's, married to Charlie. Works in project management; worked with Candy for many years. Recently hired Corey to work for him.

Charlie Buonaugura

The lovable goofball. A gay man in his 40's, married to Finn. Friend of Ken's, and fellow DJ.

Krys Willis

A young woman trying to remake herself. She tracked down her birth mother, Candy, a few years ago, and recently moved to the same city. Krys is short for Krystle; her mother loves Dynasty. Krys was Ken's roommate, but now she lives with her boyfriend Jake.

Corey Fink

Recent college graduate; young gay man still trying to figure out who he wants to be. Currently single and happy. Working in project management for Finn; used to organize sex parties, which is basically the same skill set.

Hiroshi Nakagawa

Ken's boyfriend, formerly Nadine's handsome roommate. So handsome. Why so handsome, Hiroshi? How is this fair to the rest of us?

Jaime Garcia

An old friend on Finn & Charlie's whose husband of thirty-some years just passed away.

Jake Neuburger

Krys's sweet live-in boyfriend, who is a transman and linguist (unrelated facts).

Gus MacArthur

Finn's neurotic little brother.

Candy Kahn

Corey's aunt, Krys's birth mother, Finn's coworker. A single woman in her 40's finding herself in a semi-parental role with the child she didn't raise.

Tina LaRocca MacArthur

Gus's wife, who looks remarkably like Charlie, though they are unrelated.

Nadine Peck

Volunteer Coordinator at Squawk Radio. Hiroshi's old roommate. Spitfire.

John Sharma

Marketing Director at Squawk Radio

Kurt Rothbart

Gay indie rock dude. Dated Ken for a while.

Willoughby MacArthur

Tina and Gus's little boy, called Will for short. Gus's sperm were not doing the job, so Finn made a donation to help—and thus Uncle Finn is his biological father, and Gus is his biological uncle, but whatever, Gus and Tina are his parents.

Candy's Boss

Marnie Fitzgibbon

Fund Raising Director at Squawk Radio

Grace Kang

Music Director at Squawk Radio.

Mandy Fink

Candy's sister, Corey's mother.

Rolene Willis

Krys' adoptive mother.

Jim Little