I am an uncle, as it happens. My sister has an adorable baby boy. And I have babysat and changed diapers. I consider it part of the package. Changing diapers isn’t fun, but it is far from the worst thing I’ve done. People need to mellow out about baby diapers.

So OK listen guess what? I’m doing one more con this year. I’m going to be at Bent Con on Nov. 7-9, sharing a table with Bob Glasscock of Casey at the Bat. Bent Con is an all LGBTQ comic con in LA (well, Burbank technically), and I’ve never been, but I hear it’s AMAZING. (On the schedule there’s a pool party? But it’s in the middle of the day while I’m tabling, so I guess I’ll miss that? But wow that schedule is packed with all kinds of things. Plus there are exhibitors. Of which one will be me, as mentioned.) So anyway you should come is what I’m saying.