This week’s comic features some cameos of backers from my Kickstarter—who also happen to be friends, and also happen to be handsome guys, all of them, who I enjoyed drawing. The couple is John Griffith and Matt Santori-Griffith (check out Matt’s writing over at Comicosity); the guy in the tank top is Alex Roederer; the cute redhead is Lonnie Mann (whose comics you should totally check out). Thanks John, Matt, Alex, and Lonnie! HUGS.

Speaking of hugs, this weekend is SPX, and I’ll be there at table K11a. It’s my last show of the year, and it’s a GREAT show—a wonderland of indie comics. You should come, you should come, you should come. In addition to tabling, I was a judge for the Ignatz awards, and I will be a DJ at the SPX Prom, aka the dance portion of the Ignatz afterparty. WOOHOO!.