Hello! Today’s comic marks the first two cameos from my last Kickstarter—Alex R as the flirty guy, and Stephanie N as the side-eye-giving bar patron. Alex had a cameo two years ago as well. Since then, his hair has grown at least a foot. Funny how time passes!

There is something awkward about having a scene like this and casting a real person to play the part of the horndog. So to be clear: this is not Alex, this is a cameo of Alex, in the role of a big stud who is also named Alex. Clear?

Stephanie’s role is less controversial so at least I won’t have to apologize there.

So ANYWAY, the next show I will be at is THOUGHT BUBBLE, in Leeds, September 22-23. Leeds, UK! Needless to say, I am super excited. I’ll be in the Comixology Marquee at table 125. Come see me if you’re there! WHEEEE.