Alright everybody! This is the end of an era, and the dawning of a new one.

Muddlers Beat is going on hiatus for 3 months, and will return in April in a new form. I’ve been doing these newspaper-style comics for nearly 12 years now, and it’s time to challenge myself in new ways. When Muddlers Beat returns, it will be in the form of minicomics, which will be serialized on the web. This will allow me to focus on telling stories, which is what I enjoy most about comics. Each story will be scripted in advance and planned for a specific number of pages, and there will be a short break between stories (so I can write the next one). I expect to post a new page every week, but this is a new thing for me and we will see how it goes.

So, I will see you in three months, with a story about Ken and Hiroshi!

In the meantime, a few of you expressed interest in the MURDER CRAB shirt that Hiroshi was wearing when he and Ken met—well, you can buy it now from my Threadless store! So go buy it. Wear it in good health.