So Charlie and Ken and maybe Krys are going to join an independent radio station. I’m having them leave the college station and move on to something totally independent because it matches more closely to my own current experience, which makes it both easier and more interesting for me to write. For those of you who did not know, I am a DJ and boardmember at a Chicago independent radio station called CHIRP Radio. (You can hear me DJ every Friday morning 6-9am central time.)

CHIRP Radio is a pretty cool thing—we built it from literally nothing, and we run it like a professional radio station (though at the moment it’s internet-only). We are almost entirely volunteer-run, which keep costs down—but even so we have to pay rent, streaming fees, and royalties, and replace or fix equipment when it gets old, etc. Does it sound like I’m about to ask for money again? Yes I am.

If you donate at least $10 to CHIRP in the next week and a half, and mention my name where is says “how did you hear about CHIRP?” I will send you a mix. For $25 or more it’ll be a hard copy, and I’ll draw an original cover for it. (What’s my taste in music like? Check out my recent playlists at the bottom of this page.)

You can support CHIRP radio with a tax-deductible donation here.